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Large Scale Exploration Licence Nr 30228-HQ-LEL covering 7140,5771 hectare for Copper, Emerald, Iron Ore, Cobalt, Silver and Gold in Luano district

  • Address: Plot No: 3900, Kamenza East Chillabombwe, Copperbelt Province

  • Phone: +260 97 1980321

  • Company Registration No: 120160005726

  • Mineral Royalty Account Registration

      TPIN 1003816599

  • Mineral Trading Permit

      Nr: MTP/4220/18/R1 Valid up to 26/10/2024

  • Base Metals includ in the MTP

      Copper, Cobalt, Iron, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium,

      Manganese,Tin, Tantalite, Titanium, Nickel & Chrome.

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Luapula province has largest scale of manganese in Africa. It also borders the mineral-rich Katanga region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and has deposits, cobalt, citrine and copper; some reports claim there are also deposits of diamonds, uranium, gold and tin.


VIOLANDS INVESTMENT LTD intends to start in partnership with FLMEP its internal consultation process with indigenous communities in order to guarantee their rights within its mining title according to Free and Prior Consent Standard (FPIC), a principle protected by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), the Convention on Biological Diversity and the International Labour Organization Convention 169, which are the most powerful and comprehensive international instruments that recognize the plights of Indigenous Peoples and defend their rights.

To develop an appropriate feasibility of this project by focusing on the most critical social and environmental values, the High Conservation Value  Standard (HCV) will serve to identify the areas concerned, an essential first step to map and implement the protection plan of the different interest. The principle is also linked to treaty norms, including the right to self- determination affirmed in common Article 1 of the International Human Rights Covenants, the right to develop and maintain cultures, under article 27 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and article 15 of the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights (ICECSR). In its interpretation of cultural rights, the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) outlines that the right to participate in cultural life includes the right of indigenous peoples to restitution or return of lands, territories and resources traditionally used and enjoyed by indigenous communities if taken without the prior and informed consent of the affected peoples.


Free and Prior Informed Consent is the principle that an Indigenous community has the right to give – or withhold – consent to proposed projects that may affect their land, natural resources, lives, and wellbeing including mining and other utilization or exploitation of resources (article 32) of “The Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”.

​Obtaining an LSM exploration permit or any other State permit does not automatically mean holding FPIC discharge. A mining title does not replace the FPIC standard. A true FPIC process means disclosing the terms of the project in the local language with the community, involving the youth, women, the elderly, indigenous peoples and persons with disabilities, and allowing sufficient time for them to discuss their concerns and inquiries in their local language. The goal being to provide reparations for those affected by the project.

Violands Investment Limted Free Prior Informed Consent Principles before exploration will include:

  • Community consultation

  • Broad stakeholder engagement

  • Social license to operate

  • Grievance mechanisms

  • Compensation & benefit agreements


The implementation of the HCV standard will ensure the identification of High Conservation Values that are important to the indigenous peoples living in the Violands Investment Ltd permit area, and which need to be protected. As a reminder, high conservation value forests are simply the forests where these values are found, or, more precisely, the forest area which will house any mining and/or industrial operations and which must be managed appropriately in order to maintain or improve the identified values.

By focusing on the most critical environmental and social values, the HCV framework adopted by Violands Investment Ltd will provide a potential mechanism to ensure that Violands Investment Ltd complies with the environmental and social policies related to its LSM permit.

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